At Whitemud Dental Centre, we follow the highest sterilization standards in all of Canada. The Alberta Government has created manditory sterilization requirements beyond what is required in other Canadian provinces. 

This has contributed to the issue of high dental costs in Alberta as this program is not optional.

In 2007 there was a scare at a Vegreville hospital which uncovered a problem with improper sterilization techniques. This created a study by Alberta Health Services regarding the sterilization processes in all fields that sterilize, including dentistry.

Although there has never been any infection control issues related to Dentistry,  in 2010 Alberta dentists were legislated into a higher, more costly level of sterilization by the Alberta Government and the Alberta Dental Association. This occurred as a result of the concerns raised around government regulation of safety standards related to the 2007 incident at the Vegreville hospital.

Our office was one of the first to volunteer to be reviewed and qualified under the new standards. We follow the Alberta Dental Association sterilization guidelines to the highest degree. We have 3 Lisa class B sterilizers, which meet the strictest standards of sterilization. These sterilizers are tested daily using biological indicators which are used to indicate the effectiveness of the sterilization process, and Bowie Dick testing to ensure the proper operation of the vacuum system, so we can ensure 100% effective sterilization every time.

We review sterilization and infection control protocols during monthly staff meetings and ensure all staff are trained to avoid cross contamination. We take your health and care very seriously. 

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