The Best Way to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Dentures


It can take some time to get used to the feeling and figure out how to use dentures securely when someone first starts wearing them or gets fitted for a new pair. There are a few things you can do to take care of your dentures, mouth, and gums to guarantee you retain good oral health while having a more comfortable experience, even though learning to wear dentures comfortably may just take a little time.

Here are a few ways to clean and maintain your dentures:

1.Clean your dentures properly

Your dentures need to be cleaned every day just like your natural teeth do since they can amass stains, tartar, and harmful bacteria.

Here are some things to keep in mind when caring for your gums and dentures. Use a soft toothbrush every day to clean your dentures. By using toothpaste, you run the risk of damaging your dentures. Dentures should be soaked overnight. Never use a dental scraper or toothpick to clean your dentures. Never clean your dentures with warm or hot water, as this could twist them and destroy their fit.

2. Give your gums a daily break

Your denturist will advise you to take out your artificial teeth before bed when you first acquire your dentures. Why? Your mouth suffers damage from dentures, which also irritate your gums and bones.

You should keep in mind that wearing your dentures for an extended period of time or not at all can have unfavorable effects.  Among the effects are gum disease, inflammation, mouth sores, and a foul denture scent.

You may ensure that your gums have enough time to recuperate from the pressure they experience throughout the day and reduce your risk of oral health issues by removing your teeth at night for at least 6 to 8 hours.

3. Rinse your mouth as well

The majority of the food and bacteria buildup will be removed by your dentures, but it’s still crucial that you clean your mouth and gums.

Give your mouth a short rinse and a brush with a soft toothbrush every time you remove your dentures. Any food or bacteria that could have gotten onto your dentures can be removed using this method. If you still have any teeth, take care to clean and floss them properly to give them the longest possible life.

4. Visit dentist regularly

Even if you take good care of and routinely maintain your dentures, it’s crucial to schedule yearly checkups and cleanings with a dentist near you.

Your denturist will be able to perform a fit and function test to make sure that when receiving dentures near you, they are fitting correctly, cleaning any stains off of your replacement teeth, and offering guidance on how to handle any discomfort, such as gum sores. Do any repairs or replacements to make sure your fake teeth are functioning at their best.

5. Eat properly

Your overall dental health can be preserved by eating nutrient-rich foods and avoiding junk food. A balanced diet can help you maintain healthy gums and a strong jaw, which will ensure that your dentures are stable and secure.

Summing Up

We offer comprehensive dental treatment at Whitemud Dental Centre because we want to give our patients the best dental care possible. This includes everything from preventative cleanings and exams to restorative dentistry and denture care.

Our dentist in South Edmonton is available to assist you, whether you need a routine adjustment or are getting fitted for your first set of dentures. Contact us right away to learn more about maintaining your dentures, gaining a better denture fit, or setting up a consultation with our dentist.